5 Tested Fortnite Tips and Tricks

GCLoot - October 5, 2020

In the pursuit of frugal gaming, we found ourselves on the path leading to the world of tips and tricks. This particular path is called the Fortnite Battle Royale Tips and Tricks, and it is littered with third person shooter hacks.

Now, some of these hacks are awesome and legit, and some are….well, we wouldn’t even touch them with a ten-foot Tactical Submachine Gun. Suffice it to say that anything that asks for our personal and sensitive information in exchange for “free” lives or currency generators is a scam and should be avoided completely.

So these particular tips for Fortnite Battle Royale will only be dealing with the basics of playing a successful game. It won’t really involve the methods to get the game’s premium currency in easy, doable ways – at least not yet. Rest assured we will get to those in a later blog post. But for now, let’s discuss five tried and tested ways to remain victorious game after game – even as the game evolves and updates itself over time!

Select the best weapons for the current situation

1. Select the best weapons for the current situation

When it comes to Fortnite advanced tips and tricks, weapons always figure in. Players will always have their favorite weapons, but in order to consistently emerge victoriously, there are some best practices to consider.

As a beginner, you can’t be too picky, of course. You have to grab the first weapons you see and be on the go – you don’t want to be caught defenseless now, do you?

The basic weapons that can help you from the start typically involve distances – whether a target is close or in the medium range. The most effective close-range weapons would be ones that shoot down enemies quickly. These would be a choice of shotguns: Tactical (or taccie), Pump (or pumpy), and Heavy (or heavy shottie). They can easily execute shots in the head area to take down your opponent.

As for medium to distant ranges, it’s best to choose from a range of Assault Rifles. These would be the regular or normal AR, auto AR, or M16. There’s also the Burst Assault Rifle or an Assault Rifle with Scope. These ones are precise, easy to reload, and can aim much faster compared to other weapons.

Keep your eyes peeled for loot chests

2. Keep your eyes peeled for loot chests

Loot chests are like unexpected gifts in every game. You might need them or you might not at the moment, but they are always welcome occurrences.

Throughout the game, you will get plenty of loot chests (be on the alert for a special chime indicating they are near), and these can help you gear up better for the battles ahead. But it is best to keep your eyes peeled for the glowing ones – these are called Golden Chests. Golden Chests are usually hidden away in attics and other crevices but you can detect their glow and a kind of metallic sound through the ceiling, floor, and wall gaps. When you open them, you will be rewarded with different kinds of weapons, medicine and healing tools, and even traps and other materials you can use for building.

Go for rare weapon colors

3. Go for rare weapon colors

One of the most valuable Fortnite tips and tricks Reddit advice we’ve picked up has to do with color choice. It has very little to do with aesthetic values and more to do with how rare it is and how much power it potentially wields.

Basically, you would want to look for weapon color using this mnemonic (We personally made up, which you are free to use – you’re welcome!): GOPBGG. It stands for gold, orange, purple, blue, green, and grey in that order. These variations in color indicate a hierarchy of both rarity and power, so if you see a weapon or gun glowing with an orange or purple light, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

The most common weapon color is grey, followed by an “uncommon” green, then a rare blue, an epic purple, and a legendary orange. There’s even a mythic gold right at the top of the tier which is truly difficult (some say almost impossible) to obtain.

Constant vigilance

4. Constant vigilance!

There’s no room for complacency in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Merely looking away to replace a weapon inventory could prove to be tragic.

You will always need to have an endgame which is survival, especially since you won’t know right away where the good loot chests are. In your search for them, keep your eyes peeled for potential enemies hiding behind rock formations, windows, or other areas where you can be vulnerable to a sniper attack.

So learn the types of weapons which can help you in the long run, try to go for the ones that will help you both at mid and long-range attacks, and generally be vigilant, always.

Build defenses as you go

5. Build defenses as you go

One way to survive while playing Fortnite: Battle Royale would be to build, build, build with the tools you acquire. This means traps, fortresses, and even weapons that can spell the difference between being protected and being defenseless.

From loot chests and other resources, you will be getting all sorts of materials with which to build your defenses. The most common ones are wood, metal, and brick. From there, you can start a basic structure, which you can fortify later on so that they can take a beating from multiple attacks for longer.

And there you have it – our five best tips and tricks for Fortnite victory! They are basic ones, sure, but they will help you survive in the long run. Survival is the endgame of a battle royale-type game, but having different resources and knowledge of which weapons to choose certainly makes it more interesting than other games of a similar nature.

So go ahead and get into battle, know where the best place to drop is, learn how to build structures and fortresses, plan your progression, keep your eyes peeled and ears sharp for both loot chests and approaching enemies, and build the kind of arsenal you need to be victorious. But most importantly…

Have fun!