Avoiding The Dreaded Roblox Ban

GCLoot - February 15, 2020

We initially thought of doing a “How To Get Banned On Roblox” post as a way to list down all the stuff you should avoid doing if you want to remain active on Roblox. However, we realized that neither irony or sarcasm was our strongest suit. Plus, we don’t want to get blamed for people actually getting kicked out of games just because they thought we were in earnest (hey, it’s been known to happen in other platforms, gaming or otherwise).

In all seriousness, though, knowing how to avoid being Roblox banned should be a Robloxian’s NOP (Number One Priority). However, some particular attitudes and activities will warrant getting banned on this creative platform. They aren’t mysterious secrets by any stretch; in fact, we would venture to say that the following tips and advice are applicable in pretty much any online or even real-life interactions and activities. So without further ado, we give you a list of ways to avoid getting banned on Roblox.

Go Easy On The Cussing

Cue in the “well, duh” exasperated expression here.

Many might think that trash-talking and using curse words are par for the course when it comes to the interactive online gaming experience. However, it’s best to remember that Roblox is available for use by very young kids, not just to teenagers and adults. You wouldn’t want to be the first one to expose them to bad language, would you?

Additionally, it just gives off a bad vibe and lessens some of the enjoyment and pleasure associated with playing. There are plenty of alternative ways to express dismay, excitement, disappointment, and other feelings, anyway. We suggest “oh, man!” and different variations thereof.

As an added tip: you can add some select cuss words on the Studio filter so that your chats come out swear-free.

Go Easy On The Cussing

Follow The Rules (At All Times!)

This particular tip may have already appeared several times in other blogs of a similar nature. The reason for it is that it is crucial – you have to follow the rules and make sure other players do the same. If you don’t, Roblox will be creeping with people who are full of malicious or predatory intentions. And we all want Roblox to be a safe, enjoyable place for all.

But in the context of Roblox bans, following the terms of service means such specific things as never pretending that you’re an administrator, or bugging other players to give you their passwords. These are against the rules, and not just plain wrong manners. Remember that chat logs are regularly reviewed for rule violations. So as not to be reported or perma-banned, refrain from being inappropriate in your interactions. That means avoiding any form of sexual innuendo, trying to form “gangs,” soliciting, and other unsavory words and activities that have no place on Roblox.

And if you do encounter these things from other players, by all means, report them!

Follow The Rules

Don’t Be A Hacker

Here’s a sure-fire way on how to ban someone on Roblox – report them for hacking. And by “report,” we mean to make sure that you have evidence of said hacking. If there is no proof of any hacking that occurred, the admin would most likely dismiss it as name-calling and unfounded finger-pointing.

Hacking Roblox usually pertains to finding ways to get around games to keep winning. These typically involve discovering bugs in the system and taking advantage of them. This is why it’s vital to report hackers if you encounter them right away.

Do Not Be A Hacker

Don’t Spam

Yes, spammers exist on Roblox, unfortunately. Sometimes, they promise a good “hack” in exchange for your hard-earned Robux. Other times, they just like spreading the equivalent of fake news just for – we’re not sure – dialogue? At any rate, be discernible about the kind of information you want to pass along to others, especially if they seem iffy or too good to be true. Remember that there are undoubtedly legitimate ways to earn Robux, and passing on some piece of copy-pasted news about it isn’t one of them.

In addendum: many players have been complaining that reporting spam doesn’t really do anything to remove this kind of activity altogether. So I guess at this point, it’s imperative to be extra-discerning about the information you will receive from others, and to nip the practice in the bud if someone asks you to pass an iffy message along.

Do Not Spam

Contact Roblox Admin If You Think You Have Been Unfairly Banned

Still, if you do find yourself getting banned on Roblox but are adamant that you have not broken any rules – or done anything wrong – you can still thankfully plead your case to the Roblox admin and moderators. This has been the case for many players who have disputes among themselves but choose to report each other instead of settling said disputes. Some are also quick to report some mild cussing, or mistakenly report the wrong profiles for witnessed misdeeds.

Unless there is irrefutable evidence of your wrong-doing, the people behind Roblox would most likely hear you out. Contact Roblox support for more information, or tweet @Roblox if you have a Twitter account to clarify things.

Contact Roblox Admin