Far Cry 5: Where to Hunt and Make Money Real Fast

GCLoot - May 18, 2020

Far Cry 5 is one of the most awesome video game sequels ever. It’s not perfect, and there are a few things in previous installments in the franchise that are objectively better. But we just love this game. The pacing, the strategic depth, even the controversy that surrounded it — all add to our appreciation for Far Cry 5.

The Far Cry franchise has had various in-game currencies. Far Cry 2 had diamonds, Far Cry 3 had Rakyat Bangsa Dollars, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon had money, Far Cry 4 had Kyrati Rupees, and Far Cry 5 has a pretty familiar currency — US dollars.

Earning US dollars on Far Cry 5 is important if you want to purchase various in-game items. And that applies to pretty much every Far Cry 5 player out there!

Avoid Scams!

Because of the value of Far Cry 5 money in the game, there’s a pretty big demand for it. We know a lot of fellow players who are always on the lookout for ways to earn Far Cry 5 easy money.

There is a lot of info out there on how to earn Far Cry 5 money. Unfortunately, we’ve found a lot of the information being shared to be wrong, or outright fraudulent. These sites are all too willing to exploit clueless players and their desire to know how to make money in Far Cry 5.

Before we show you the legit ways to earn fast money on Far Cry 5, let’s discuss the scams first, and how to avoid them. Usually, these sites contain words like “hack,” or “generator,” or “Far Cry 5 money farming.” A hack or a generator is technically cheating (and we mean actual cheating, not an in-game cheat), so that should be enough to tell you that they’re scams.

Avoid Scams!

Best Ways to Make Money in Far Cry 5

Okay, we didn’t mean to start off on a negative note. We just had to give you an adequate warning first. But with that out of the way, we can now give you what you came here for. Read on for our top, legit, ways to make easy money on Far Cry 5!

Go to the Harris Residence

The Harris residence is a hunting ground — here, players can earn up to a whopping $10,000 for about 20 minutes of hunting. This amount will vary depending on how good you are, plus your luck. But do know that this place has hares, where offer the highest payouts in the game.

The Harris Residence is a bit challenging to find, based on how much of the game you’ve explored. But the area is located on the west edge of Holland Valley. If you need landmarks, try to be on the lookout for the Reservoir Construction Yard, Dodd’s Dumps, US Auto, and John’s Bunker. It’ll get easier to find the place once you’ve visited it for the first time.

You’ll need a bit more finesse than going to the Harris Residence and blowing up everything that moves, of course. Let’s check out the finer details of hunting here for money.

Go to the Harris Residence

Maximize Perks while Hunting

If you want to earn money here, you will have to aim for the following perks:

  • Harvest Master (survivalist, eight points) – Getting this skill multiplies the loot you get by two. This is a valuable perk to find!
  • Journey Pack (prepper, seven points) – If you’re always running out of space for gear, this is the perk for you. You will also be able to carry more skins and pelts — stuff you can sell later on.

These perks will also help you out:

  • King of the Jungle (survivalist, six points) – Since you’ll be out in the wild, you can expect to have more than a few run-ins with wild animals. This perk will lessen the damage you sustain in case that happens.
  • Sneaky sprint (assassin, four points) – Allows you to move faster will kneeling, which allows you to creep up on your game.

Maximize Perks while Hunting

Get Specialists and Weapons

Who’s a good boy? Why it’s Boomer! Boomer’s a good boy, ain’t he? Yes, he is, yes he is!

Ahem, okay. If you take Boomer on your hunting expeditions, he can make your trip more fruitful. Boomer’s a big help — he will mark animals on your HUD. Prey will be marked white, while dangerous animals are marked red. And being the good boy that he is, he even retrieves animals you’ve shot down.

Boomer should be your first pick. But if you can take two dogs, Jess Black, Master Huntress, should be your second pick. She has the Feral Friendly perk, meaning she can sneak up on animals without them running away. Basically, Boomer finds the prey, and Jess does the killing.

The weapon you use also affects the type of loot you get from the downed animal. If you kill a deer using a gun, which is the most efficient weapon, you get only one skin. Kill the deer with a bow, and you can get two skins instead. Hunting with a bow is more difficult, but you could end up with twice the amount of skins had you used your gun. So try to use your bow as much as possible.

Get Specialists and Weapons

The Animals You can Hunt at Harris Residence

The Harris Residence is full of animals you can hunt and earn money from. Plus, while we can’t say for certain, it sure looks like you get to encounter more “alpha” animals than in other places. Alpha beats are grey-colored and are tougher, but you get to earn more when you successfully hunt one.

Here are the animals you can hunt, and their corresponding prices:

  • Hares – $300 per skin (Alpha hares earn $350 per skin)
    Hares tend to pop up where you least expect it. Also, use your bow when hunting hares. If you get four hares, that’s a cool $1,200 in earnings.
  • Wolverines – $170 per skin (Alpha wolverines earn $400 per skin)
    Wolverines are dangerous animals, so we strongly suggest you use a gun when hunting them.
  • Deer – $180 per skin (Alpha deer earn $300 per skin)
    Deer are one of the most numerous animals in the Harris Residence. The bulk of your earnings will be from deer.
  • Elk – $190 per skin
    You can find elk up the hill, at the northeast side of the house. There’s an open field there, where elk always seem to wander into.
  • American Black Bears – $185 per skin (Alpha black bears earn $300 per skin)
    Black bears are usually found at the southwest or northeast sides of the house.

The Animals You can Hunt at Harris Residence