Fortnite Victory Royale Season 8 Guide

GCLoot - September 7, 2020

We have entered Season 8 of Fortnite, and yes, there are some exciting changes to look forward to! It’s about time, too. Victory Royale has never looked better – or more sought-after (albeit nerve-wracking) than ever. In the pursuit of how to get a Victory Royale, we reckon these significant changes need to be addressed head-on. After all, the basics might get you covered, but you still need to be on your toes for new and unfamiliar challenges ahead.

It was quite a wait from the previous season before we got to this one, and it’s safe to say that some significant changes happened in the process. We are talking about new locations, geographic obstacles, weapons, costumes, features to “assist you,” and a brand spanking new battle pass that carries an exciting array of skins, emotes, tools – and yes, even pets!

But for now, let’s take a closer look at the most significant changes that have happened to make way for this season, and all the possible implications they have on your gameplay.

Pirates, A New Map, A Volcano, and a Lagoon!

There are some severe upheavals on the Fortnite map for this latest season as far as the eye can see. For starters, the newest season is called “X Marks the Spot,” and yes, there is now a lagoon (called the Lazy Lagoon) with palm trees and a pirate’s ship in it. There are also pirate camps all over the map, and you can identify them with a – well, duh – a pirate flag waving over the locations. It’s safe to say that Fortnite Season 8 has taken on a very distinct pirate-y flavor, and so far so good – we like it.

As mentioned, a gigantic volcano has just erupted on Season 8, and with it, it’s time to play a riskier game of “The Floor Is Lava.” Should you come into contact with the lava, you’re going to be dealt with one damage every single time it happens. It sucks, but we reckon it adds excitement and overall required attentiveness to the entire game. At any rate, volcanic vents dot the landscape so you can launch yourself using them via sudden gusts of hot air to help you get around using your glider without much damage.

A cursory look at the map reveals just how much the terrain has changed. Aside from the lava-surrounded volcano, there are no more Cargo Container park or Wailing Woods to be seen. We’re looking forward to spotting more changes, but for now, those seem to be the most significant ones for the game. We will wait and see how these absences will affect the game in the long run.

Fortnite Pirates

You Can Now Use Cannons

If you’ve always wanted a weapon to cause bigger, faster, and instant damage to structures and enemies in order to obtain that Fortnite Victory Royale faster – your wish has been granted in Season 8. The cannons have arrived! In order to receive them, you might need to board the pirate’s ship in the lagoon. The cannons can also be found all over the map but knowing one single source for a weapon of this magnitude of destruction is always a good game plan.

This valuable new weapon turns you into a wrecking ball that causes severe damage. We are talking about a 100-damage if you do a direct hit! Nifty, huh?

Fortnite pirate ship cannon

The Rare Gold Chest Finally Makes An Appearance

Loot chests are great, but a gold chest is infinitely more awesome. In the trailer, it appears that the rare gold chest with its bounty of weapons and golden goodies can be found in a room somewhere deep in the bowels of the block. Of course, if someone else beats you to by opening it first, you can kiss it goodbye because you won’t be seeing it again soon, in all likelihood.

Fortnite Rare Gold Chest

Fortnite Party Assist – Activated!

For the first time in the history of Fortnite Victory Royale, you can now seek the assistance of your squad should you find yourself stumped or rendered immobile by a new challenge. This feature is called Party Assist, and yes, we predict it will feel like a party more than reinforcement! Now is the time to play Fortnite with your friends instead of just bugging them about it.

So that’s your Season 8 Fortnite guide Battle Royale for now. Some other changes that occurred as far as we can see involve familiar items being vaulted (we can’t see the planes and shopping cart anymore – at least for the time being). There are also a couple of highly-covetable outfits that look pirate-y and another one that looks like it could be a peeled banana – which merits a closer investigation in the days to come. Since it was launched last year (Season 8 went live at the tail-end of February 2019), we’ll be devoting more time to testing the new features and reporting them in this blog as soon as we get them down pat.

Fortnite Party Assist