Welcome to GCLoot

GCLoot - October 18, 2019

Hello, and welcome to the newly-launched GCLoot!

We are excited to announce a brand new opportunity for gamers all over the world to earn points and get awesome prizes. GCLoot is a rewards program that is explicitly made for gaming enthusiasts so they can choose and redeem the kind of rewards that matter most to them.

Sounds good? Read on to learn more about it!

Get only the prizes that matter to you!

If you are a seasoned gamer in your thirties or a beginning one in your teens (and vice-versa), GCLoot has a prize (or two) that you will definitely love. This unique earning platform ensures that your eyes are consistently on the prize as you work towards a GC, voucher, key code, and other gaming-related rewards that your heart desires.

On the site’s rewards store menu are new stuff like free gaming keys and codes, gift cards, and virtual items. So whether you’re a serious or a casual gamer, there is sure to be something to look forward to at the GCLoot Rewards Store!

More opportunities to earn doing easy, everyday tasks!

We’ve stepped up our game (pun fully intended!) to make sure that you have fun while earning at GCLoot!

To start, simply register for free at GCLoot. If you have an invite code from someone, you could use it to earn 500 points for free instantly! Just click on a friend’s referral link, and the points will be automatically applied.

After completing your profile, verifying your email, and filling out the necessary information to determine your demographic, you’re all set to start earning while doing everyday online tasks. There are three easy ways to go about this:

Once you have accumulated the required amount of points for your preferred reward, you can go to the GCLoot Rewards Store and select the prize you’ve always wanted. Then it’s a simple matter of waiting for your reward to be emailed to you within 48 business hours. It’s that easy!

Oh, and if you want to see how you’re doing against other GCLoot members, the site features a leaderboard showing the top GCLoot users. Click on their profiles and see how they are earning!

Dozens of gaming-focused reward options!

There are various categories in the rewards catalog, and you will be happy to know that most of them are gaming-focused!

You can take your pick of the most popular and trending games and platforms like Robux, DOTA, Steam, Blizzard, PSN, Xbox, Minecraft, Overwatch, League of Legends, and more! Choose from digital gift cards, gold memberships, activation codes, virtual currency, season passes, key codes, and other exciting prizes to keep you at the top of your favorite games.

Once again, welcome to GCLoot, and we hope you have a great time earning your favorite game-related rewards here!