How To Avoid Roblox Hacking

GCLoot - January 21, 2020

They say hacking is part and parcel of a gamer’s life. Well, we’re here to say that it shouldn’t be! Roblox should always be a safe space for anyone who wants to enjoy its platform. There is absolutely no reason for malicious Roblox hackers to regularly establish their presence there, or even exist to wreak havoc anywhere.

Fortunately, there are ways to safeguard your account from Roblox hacking. It doesn’t take too much time, effort, and resources. In fact, common sense seems to be the best tool of the trade when it comes to security, as illustrated by the five points below. Stay safe while having fun, Robloxians!

Keep Your Password From Getting Roblox Hacked

All a wily hacker needs is your Roblox password to take over your account (and then some), so it’s safe to say that it should be as secure and as “un-guess-able” as you can make it. Avoid coming up with a password that contains the kind of personal information others could easily guess. These include your birthday, your mom’s maiden name, your address, employment, hobbies, names of your pets, known nicknames or monikers, etc.

In the same manner, as you would choose a cool Roblox name for yourself, you need to think long and hard before choosing a password wisely. It’s also wise to avoid using a password you have utilized in previous platforms or personal accounts. Make it as unique as possible using a combination of numbers, letters, and upper and lower case text. Or you could try a password generating app (like Dashlane) that gives out encrypted passwords as an added layer of safety.

Keep Your Password From Getting Roblox Hacked

Don’t Fall For “Free Robux” Scams

It’s highly possible to get offered so-called Robux hacks where you’re offered free game currency or free membership to various clubs in exchange for – well, virtually doing “nothing.” While it’s tempting to try these out, it’s best to avoid anything that seems too good to be true. Most of these Robux generator scams are only out to get your personal information for fraudulent purposes. They could also contain phishing or other malicious links that will compromise your account’s (whether it’s on Roblox or even your personal finances or social media ones) security, and your entire identity and reputation.

So the best way is to not respond to these offers. Another recourse is to report anyone offering them to the Roblox admin under the “Asking for or Giving Private Information” option on the drop-down menu.

Do not Fall For Free Robux Scams

Be Friendly, But Not Too Trusting

Just like in real life, online scammers can be a charming bunch. They will act friendly and accommodating to you and chat you up like you are long-time pals. By all means, make friends on Roblox, but don’t let your guard down. Hackers can be lurking wearing the guise of loyal gamers.

Not too long ago, a popular meme circulated on social media that is supposed to generate such things as your stripper or superhero name, It would ask users to give away their mom’s maiden name, the name of a favorite pet, or childhood home address. These kinds of information may appear trivial at first, but hackers have ways of extrapolating information about the way people generate passwords and other sensitive information based on them. So if someone you chat with asks prying questions of this nature, be friendly but firm in saying you aren’t comfortable sharing it (before changing the subject).

In the same vein, if you chat with someone and use certain expressions or mention particular things regularly (that you have also used in your password), you could easily be hacked. Hackers often look for significant patterns with their targeted victims, so be extra cautious with whom you talk to, as well as with what you talk about (and how).

Be Friendly On Roblox

Use The Two-Factor Authentication Scheme

The two-factor authentication method is quite handy for such things as online banking, social media account security, and even gaming platforms like Roblox. They turn your mobile phone, email, and other trusty gadgets into protective armors for your password.

So in case someone manages to phish for your Roblox password, they would have to go through an email authentication before they could take over your account. It’s an extra layer of security that could spell the difference between protecting yourself and getting hacked.

Use The Two-Factor Authentication Scheme

Get Robux From Trust Sources

Are you wondering how to get free Robux on Roblox, the legit way? It’s a great thing that there are safe and trustworthy ways to do so. Some online rewards sites like ZoomBucks and GrabPoints, for instance, offer a vast array of gaming-related gift cards (Roblox being one of them!) which you can redeem for doing some simple tasks. You could also use the cash earnings from these sites to buy more Robux the old-fashioned way. Sure, it means putting in some work in order to get these rewards, but you won’t be violating committing fraud or breaking any rules in the process. You will also avoid getting hacked, if we may add.

Hackers on Roblox will, unfortunately, continue to exist as long as gullible people believe they have something of value to offer in exchange for their precious login information. If you come across these unscrupulous people, make sure to report them as violators of community guidelines. Do your part in helping to police the Roblox community and its millions of members. Don’t hesitate to blow the whistle on these potential abusers and keep the community safe, enjoyable, friendly, and hacker-free.

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