How To Build in Roblox (Like a Pro)

GCLoot - February 24, 2020

Roblox building is the ultimate non-noob act on Roblox, bar none. After all, a Roblox game requires some necessary building skills in order for a player to enjoy it.

Seriously, who wants a monochromatic landscape devoid of any characteristic?

Surprisingly, a lot of Robloxians find it a challenge – being a Roblox builder, that is. The “blockiness” and general dullness of the basic materials a player has to work with can understandably discourage a lot of users. But today, we’re here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the case at all. Below are some useful and handy tips you can use as Roblox building tutorials.

Use the Roblox Studio Settings

One of the essential Roblox building tips to heed is to install the Roblox Studio app and use it. It’s set up in such a way that even the newest players won’t find it too difficult to know where to begin (Baseplate is always an excellent way to start). You simply need to click on the Models option from the drop-down menu bar at the top.

There are still ways to modify settings, though. This way, you can ensure maximum efficiency in your building while quickly editing small and significant changes as you go. Under the File tab (found on the top left part), click on Settings to see the various Studio settings that will prove useful in your building journey. Some of the ones we highly recommend include camera move speed to help you modify your terrain quickly or minutely. Another includes adjusting quality levels (12 is our recommended level), which will still depend on your computer’s specs for graphics references and lighting.

You can start experimenting with these settings, but if you want to go back to default, simply click on the Reset All Settings option.

Roblox Studio Settings

Familiarize Yourself With Hotkeys

A good Roblox builder knows how and when to be efficient and organized. One reliable way to accomplish this is to know the proper hotkeys associated with world-building. Your Roblox Studio has some hotkeys that could prove to be your best tool for speedy and accurate building and modeling. There are plenty, but you can always start with the basic hotkeys and be on your way:

  • For movement, orientation, and rotation = Ctrl + L
  • To focus on a certain part or detail = Ctrl + F
  • To join parts together = Ctrl + shift + G
  • To use the Anchor tool = Alt + A
  • To use the Lock tool = Alt + L
  • To duplicate a selected part in the same position = Ctrl + D

Roblox Hotkeys

Choose Your Preferred Bricks and Models

You can find different bricks to use under the Models option. Select the ones you wish to insert as parts and start adding them. Do this by right-clicking on the blank space in your game window. Select Insert Object, and then the object you want to add. You can select individual objects or multiple ones using the Toolbox option. This option allows users to move pre-made models (previously created by other players) and drag and drop them in place. This way, you can insert your models, bricks, parts, and other objects faster and more efficiently.

Please note that it’s best to do these while still in Edit mode. In line with this, make sure always to save what you’ve done before you go on Exit mode.

Roblox Preferred Bricks and Models

Add Some Lighting

Some lighting know-how can make your game look beautiful and polished. You can add some lighting techniques in the Roblox Studio using Lighting (or Ctrl + I as a shortcut) then search for the Effects option. Concentrate on the lighting effects being offered, including SunRays, Bloom, ColorCorrection, and Blur. These will add impressive lighting effects on your maps such as a summery brightness, a soft and muted glow, a contrasting or colored tint, and a blurry background to highlight a specific player – all depending on the effect you want!

Roblox Lighting

Publish to Roblox

The final important step in knowing how to build Roblox places is to publish it, of course. This will allow you to save your place by uploading it to the Roblox servers for storage (and so other players can easily access it). To do this, select File, then Publish to Roblox As. A window will open up, and you can choose which slot to save your file (your choice of either a new one or an already existing one).

These tips are just some in a vast field of advice on how to build on Roblox like a pro. One other important tip we would like to provide is for you to continually save a backup copy of your files even if you’ve already uploaded it to the game. You can also ensure that you won’t lose your progress during building and have the option to either make it inaccessible to the public or make it available for others to already enjoy. Either way, don’t forget to Go to File, then Save As, and then click on Enter to save!

Publish to Roblox