How to Earn By Completing Offers

GCLoot - December 3, 2019

Completing Offers and Earning on GCLoot

What does “to complete an offer” mean, exactly? With GCLoot, it means a simple but great way to earn.

GCLoot has partnered up with companies that provide different types of products and services. . These companies need users to try out what they are offering for free with activities like joining sites, offering coupons or surveys, downloading apps, games, or software, and even trial sites where you can fill in your credit card information either for a small fee or without. To further incentivize users to try their offers, they teamed up with GCLoot so members can earn points and exchange them for awesome gaming-related rewards!

How Does It Work?

A GCLoot member just needs to check out the free offers that are available on their dashboard. So once you see something that appeals to you, sign up for it, and earn points once you complete the offer.

For more thorough instructions, refer to the following steps:

Step 1: Register (For Free)!

Register with GCLoot (no membership fees involved!) then log in to the site to start earning points. The first points you will make could come in the form of an invite code, which is already worth a whopping FREE 500 POINTS! To use this, simply click on a friend’s referral link, and the points will be automatically applied.

Step 2: Select Offers That You Like!

On your member dashboard, you will see right away how many points you will be earning for completing a particular offer. You will also be informed of any requirements to fulfill, if any. You can choose from a variety of offers that interests you:

  • App-testing – you will need to install an app on your phone or mobile device, then keep it installed for a certain required period. If it’s a gaming app, you might also be required to reach a certain level to earn points.
  • Visiting websites – you can earn points right away just by visiting particular sites, or you might need to register, give your email address, answer a short survey, or perform other doable online activities.
  • Getting cashbacks – you can check out GCLoot’s partner shops and retailers, make purchases, and then earn points for doing so!
  • Paid trial offers – you will need to pay a nominal fee to participate in a trial period, but you will have the option to cancel before it changes into a paid subscription. If you don’t, the company will charge your credit card for the subscription.
  • Non-paid trial offers – you will not be required to pay any fee to participate in a trial period. However, you will be charged for a regular subscription once the trial period is over and transitions into a paid one.

Step 3: Start Earning Points!

Once you’ve chosen the kind of earnings that appeal to you, it’s time to start earning points. Take note that different offers mean different requirements to meet before you can start to earn, though. For instance, you might need to reach a specific level in a gaming app before you can earn the required number of points. Or you might be asked to sign up for a subscription in order to earn. But fret not, because all offer-related activities are doable and will thoroughly explain what needs to be done first – as well as the number of points you will earn from doing them!

Step 4: Claim Your Rewards!

Once you have accumulated the required points from completing offers, you can go to the GCLoot Rewards Store and select your favorite gaming-related reward. Your reward should be in your email within 48 business hours.

It’s That Easy!

Not only is completing an offer an uncomplicated task – but it’s a fun one, too. It’s a straightforward but enjoyable way to earn points because you can choose to visit websites, play games, check out new apps, or take part in subscriptions you like. There’s something for everyone!

Bonus Tips For More Earnings!

To sweeten the deal, GCLoot gives you more chances to earn using some tried-and-tested tips. What’s more, they are both practical and fun!

  • Keep your eyes on the live feed over at the members’ dashboard. Over there you will see the kind of surveys being completed by users all over the world. This will give you a good idea of the most popular ones, which you can try out, in turn!
  • Want to be a top user? Then go and check out the leaderboards at the members’ home page. There is a list of user profiles who are top users and earners. If you want to follow their lead, simply click on their profiles’ history and take a look at the kind of offers and surveys they’ve been completing!