How To Play Cross Platform Fortnite

GCLoot - January 28, 2020

Can you play Fortnite cross platform? The answer is yes…finally!

It was towards late 2018 when Fortnite saw no limitations as far as most gaming platforms are concerned. With Sony allowing Fortnite to be played on PS4 last year, it seemed like everyone and their grandmas can have a cross-platform party at long last.

But is it easy to do so? The answer to that is more complicated than the first one. Now that Fortnite can be played on both Mac and Windows PC, on mobile, via Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, there are still compatibility and other issues to consider before you can fully enjoy the game with all of your friends. So today’s post aims to serve as a guide on how to cross play Fortnite using different platforms.

Link Or Start An Account (If You Don’t Already Have One)

If you don’t already have an account with Epic Games, you will need to sign up first and get one. This, in turn, will allow you to cross play on different platforms. This account and all your pertinent Fortnite information can then be linked anywhere you play (and also to sync your progress) depending on the platform, although this is not necessary for Fortnite players already using their accounts on PC and Mac.

fortnite Start An Account

Make Friends

You can cross play with your friends who are in your existing Epic Games account for PC or mobile. But for other platforms, you will need to “match” the level of performance in order to cross play. There is a hierarchy to be followed for cross platform playing: in a squad, a PC player is at the top given the better resolution and control of that platform.

As for other console platforms, you can download the Epic Game Launcher and use it to log into your account. You can also use Fortnite if you’re on a Mac or a PC. It’s even more versatile if you’re playing via mobile: you can use Facebook, PlayStation, Google, Nintendo Network, Xbox Live, or Epic Games account to log in!

fortnite Make Friends

Select The Right Matchmaking Platforms

It was in late March 2018 when Epic Games enabled cross play between Fortnite players on the Xbox One and Windows PC. Not long after, those using Android or iOS devices were able to cross play with those using Nintendo Switch and all the other platforms. Then, as previously mentioned, PlayStation 4 was given the go-ahead for cross playing, as well.

If you’re new to the game, it can understandably get quite confusing where to start. Here’s a quick condensed guide for you:

  • If you’re playing on a PC, Fortnite can match you with players using Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and with mobile users. However, this is not applicable for those playing on Solo mode.
  • For Mac and PC users, anyone with an activated cross platform party mode can show up on a match – be they on Xbox One, PS4, or mobile.
  • For Fortnite PS4 players, you will need to link your Epic Games account to your PlayStation Network account first. Afterward, you can start cross playing with those using Mac, PC, mobile, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.
  • To play cross platform, Fortnite users on Mac and PC who wish to join the lobby of someone on PS4 will need to be friends with them first on Epic.
  • Fortnite players on Xbox One will first need to link their Xbox One account with their Epic Games one. After that, they can start cross playing with those on PS4, mobile, Mac, and PC.
  • For Nintendo Switch players, they must first link their Nintendo account to their Epic Games account in order to cross platform play with those on PS4, mobile, Xbox One, Mac, and PC.

fortnite Matchmaking Platforms

Use The Party Finder

On your console, look for the Party Finder option. This will enable you to search for your other friends who might be playing Fortnite on other platforms. If you have your friends’ Epic Games account and wish to invite them to play, you can send them cross play invitations via your main menu.

So is Fortnite cross platform playing possible? Now, it is. You can start playing with practically anyone on any existing platform, and be able to enjoy more of what Fornite has to offer as it continues to evolve, improve, and progress. Squad Fill parties are now more vibrant, exciting, and more enjoyable than ever, thanks to the enabling of the cross platform mode.

You will need to be mindful of certain things and not attempt to jump right into cross platform playing, though. The matchmaking system varies according to the gaming platform, after all. It might initially be complicated to figure out what to do first before you can invite and get matched on various platforms, but hopefully, this guide will set you in the right direction.

fortnite Party Finder