How to Play Fortnite as a Beginner

GCLoot - January 31, 2020

This is just one in a long list of Fortnite beginners guide-type of blog posts, but hear us out first! There are so many tips and tricks coming from those who have become real experts in just a year of playing it. So what does that mean to beginners? That any information on how to up your game has become valuable, that’s what!

Now, this one aims to be more specific about methods of survival and how to play optimally. Most of the advice listed here are practical, empirical, and are the direct results of thousands of hours playing the game.

So if you’re ready for the kind of instant eureka moments when it comes to landing, weapons, building structures, going on stealth mode, raising your skill levels, racking up kills, and other issues dealing with Fortnite Battle Royale – then you’ve come to the right place. Read on!

Always Use Your Headphones!

Well, duh, right? – as some of you might say. But you would be surprised at how many noisy Fortnite Battle Royale gamers opt to do without their headphones – maybe it hurts their ears and ruins their concentration in the process?

At any rate, using them as you play would be your best bet. This is because it helps you to be alert to footsteps coming from different directions, hear metallic chimes to warn you that a loot chest is nearby, and get other aural cues that can spell the difference between survival and getting shot. So if you don’t have a pair of headphones at the ready, make sure to get one that’s of good quality and comfortable to wear for long periods.

Always Use Your Headphones

Go On Playground Mode First

This will help you get familiar with the Fortnite map, and eventually, plan your next move and attacks. Explore at leisure so you can know places and details by heart. This mode also gives you a chance to learn where loot chests usually show up (and they often show up in the same places!).

fortnite Playground Mode

Bide Your Time on the Battle Bus

There are plenty of tips on how to choose your landing spots well. To reiterate, it pays to be cautious and land towards the end of the Battle Bus’s route. Sure, the location might not be filled to the rafters with weapons and loot chests. But what the near-end of the flight path offers instead is the chance to get loot without getting shot.

Many players opt to land on named locations where there are more activities and more weapons, but staying alive right at the start of the game (and for as long as you could) is a good play, too. So it’s best to glide towards a building once you jump from the Battle Bus.

fortnite Battle Bus

Run To The Nearest Structure Upon Landing

Upon landing, make sure to get to a building, ASAP. There’s an excellent chance for you to discover loot chests and weapons once you’re in (or on top) of one. It also helps you not to get shot. So smash your way into a building or through a roof with a pickaxe if you must – just make sure you’re within a structure and always keeping an eye and ear out for loot and weapons as soon as you land.

fortnite Structure

Again, Keep Building Fortification

Time is of the essence in Fortnite, so you’re going to have to start building structures, stat. It’s even more important than taking time to drink a shield potion! Depending on the size of the potion, you can waste up to ten precious seconds glugging it down – thus leaving you vulnerable to attack.

On the other hand, if you start building even the most rudimentary of structures straightaway, you’re going to be protected long enough to heal and take stock of your weapons and tools for battle (and plan your assault, in turn). There are other tips on how to build using specific materials, but that’s for a later and much longer blog post.

fortnite Keep Building Fortification

Choose Assault Rifles as Your First Weapons

One of the best Fortnite basics to remember would be about your choice of weapons. The power and rarity of weapon can be identified by its color. The hierarchy goes this way: gold, orange, purple, blue, green, and grey. You can make up your mind if they will come handy to you as soon as you see their colors glowing from a distance.

Gold would, of course, be the most potent weapon vied for by many players. However, when it comes to choosing one right at the beginning, it’s best to select assault rifles. They are especially handy for battles up-close and can work wonders with just one shot (not enough to rely on to rack up kills, but reliable enough to defend yourself when you’re exploring confined spaces).

fortnite Assault Rifles

Crouch Whenever Possible

How do you play Fortnite? On your feet like a proud soldier, with head held high and shoulders thrown back? Well, we’re here to tell you that the best kinds of soldiers know stealth, and know how to crouch. This is especially important because to get to Battle Royale, and you need to make as little noise as possible. Crouching allows you to creep when an enemy is nearby, so you get better chances of survival than running outright with grass or gravel crunching underfoot.

fortnite Crouch

Build Ramps to Go Higher During Fights

This is pretty much a given in any game of survival, whether it involves a zombie attack or shoot-outs. Getting to higher ground provides a layer of protection from enemies because you can actually build ramps over them so they can’t get to you! So learn how to create walls that can support your ramp quickly, then use that as a temporary platform to get your bearings and shoot at enemies.

We hope these Fortnite tips for beginners will be of some use to you in your game. If you have more suggestions you would like to share with us, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section!

fortnite Ramps