Our 5 Best Fortnite Skins List

GCLoot - January 27, 2020

Today is the best time to discuss the best Fortnite skins. Why is this important, you ask? Well, for starters, not having skins will show you up as a total noob – and you wouldn’t want that, trust us. For another, it’s just so gosh-darn fun to get skins and show off your personality to other players. You could give others a glimpse of your style (real or imagined), and if you happen to have a rare skin, even get them to be impressed (and envious) with your buying power and good taste.

There have been a lot of arguments regarding the coolest Fortnite skins ever to grace the game. This post won’t put a stop to that. However, the criteria for this list don’t depend too much on rarity or popularity. It’s a combination of those two qualities, and then some.

We’ve come up with five of the best ones by far – at least according to our humble opinion. Read on and see if you agree with us.


This particular favorite always seems to make it to everyone’s most popular Fortnite skins list! And it’s hard not to see why, either. Crackshot is like a deranged Nutcracker crossed over with a badass military dude. The creepiness of his puppet-like face and mouth doesn’t belie the fact that Crackshot is a holiday skin through and through. Yup, he’s only available around Christmas time, so try to catch this unnerving seasonal skin if you can!

Crackshot Fortnite Skin

Tomato Head

It’s good to mix a little healthy something to avoid any sort of meat headedness, right? As our moms always said, we should welcome a healthy portion of fruits and vegetables in our daily lives.

Tomato Head is the perfect candidate for this concern. Sure, he’s just a skin, but he’s got a grin a mile wide that can cheer anyone up – perhaps even in the event of getting shot by someone wearing this particular gear! He may look silly to some, but Tomato Head adds fun to the entire game. And fun, in our honest opinion, is always a healthy thing.

Tomato Head Fortnite Skin

Brite Bomber

Though not rare nor expensive, the Brite Bomber is considered one of the coolest Fornite skins in existence because – well, just look at her bubblegum-pink hair! And her unicorn-bibbed outfit!

She is a definite hit with those wanting to add a bit of color to the usual drab blacks, greys, and military greens of other traditional skins. Other players might call this skin “basic” because it’s not uncommon, but from where we are standing, there is nothing basic about this bright OOTD.

Brite Bomber Fortnite Skin

Battle Hound

If you want to intimidate other players using a skin, Battle Hound would be one of your go-to skins to do precisely that. This metallic helmet with glowing green eyes can inspire fear in anyone. Add to that a practically awe-inspiring leather and bronze metal suit, and it will look and feel as if you are part of an epic television series or full-length movie complete with dragons, dwarves, fairies, elves, and the occasional naughty orc.

Battle Hound Fortnite Skin

Skull Trooper

Another seasonal skin makes it to our favorites list. Skull Trooper is available only when Halloween rolls around, and as predictable as a skull mask and a skeleton suit may seem even virtually, this one is surprisingly a hit among many Fortnite players.

We are guessing it has to do with the gothness level, so many players seek. Or maybe because it’s seasonal; therefore it’s rare and harder to come by? At any rate, there’s a demand for the Skull Trooper skin so you might want to think about getting one as soon as it becomes available.

Skull Trooper Fortnite Skin

As a bonus…

We are throwing in a couple more skins we like in this space, One is Ghoul Trooper, which pairs so well with Skull Trooper and which just looks so awe-inspiring. Another one is the Ice King skin, which needs to be unlocked and won – ergo, a badge of achievement and exclusivity, if you must. The third is the Love Ranger, who looks like Cupid on steroids but is a Valentine’s Day-themed skin that can nevertheless strike fear instead of infatuation in the hearts of your enemies.

So those are our five top Fortnite skins picks (and then some), though if we could have it any other way, we would be expanding the list to maybe ten – or fifteen. Or even twenty. There are so many awesome skins in existence (with even more coming) that it’s hard to choose our favorites off the top of our heads. But our criteria for the ones listed above include their availability, price, level of badassery and fun-ness, and how they reflect the persona that we want our characters to project.

Why don’t you tell us about your favorite Fortnite skins in the comment section below – as well as your criteria for choosing them!

Ghoul Trooper Fortnite Skin