How to Survive the Roblox Armored Patrol

GCLoot - July 13, 2020

We are guessing that by now you are no longer a Roblox noob (cue in the triumphant horn blare!) and are already familiar with some of the best games on the platform. Today’s topic, therefore, should not catch you off guard. It is all about surviving the Roblox Armored Patrol and living to tell the tale.

Still not familiar with Armored Patrol? Let’s get the basics out of the way first.

For starters, it was created in 2008 by a popular user called Wingman8 who also came up with Galleons – another widely-used Roblox game with more than 20 million visits thus far. Armored Patrol, boasting over 50 million visits, is a military-themed game with Red and Blue teams battling it out for flag control. The gameplay is set in forested and hilly land and has a time limit of half an hour.

It’s a virtual game of capture the flag, and the first team to get the most flags and earn the most points wins. It sounds pretty straightforward, but Armored Patrol, as its name implies, also involves such things as military vehicles, camouflage uniforms, bullet-firing weapons and explosives – and lots of fighting.

So how do you survive such a game? Below are some practical and handy tips for you to try.

Team Up With Someone

If you think survival is slim if you choose to play solo, go ahead and get a friend or teammate on board to play with you. You can get to wear same-colored camouflage uniforms while strategizing how to win the game without any casualties.

Roblox Team Up With Someone

Know Which Things To Destroy First

The rule of thumb here at Armored Patrol is to go for the ones that are easy to destroy (well, relatively, as compared to others) using the right kind of weapons. One of them would be the light tanks. If you have a missile or RPG, aim for where you think the driver is sitting to knock them out. It’s best to aim at the sides of tanks because the armors are usually thickly reinforced at the front.

Another good advice from seasoned players is to use shells when aiming for turrets. You can rack up faster kills this way instead of aiming grenades or Molotovs everywhere and hoping for the best.

roblox rpg

Get a Helicopter

You can spawn a helicopter by going to your base’s helipad. There are a number of excellent reasons for you to get one apart from your jeeps, tanks, and ammo trucks. For starters, you invite fewer attacks because you are up in the air instead of on the ground (granted, there are RPGs for that, but still!). It’s also an excellent vehicle to supply ammunition and building materials to your teammates while making sure to keep enemy choppers at bay.

roblox Get a Helicopter

Be Smart in Combat

One of the first things to remember here is – do not shoot your teammate!

It may seem like common sense, but a lot of players have accidentally shot their own teammates merely because they were in close proximity to their enemies. Doing this will nuke your health to zero, and there go your chances of winning the game.

It’s also important to get to know the weapons you should be using at the best times. For instance, some have limited ammunition, and can even overheat if you prolong their use. There are also seemingly powerful weapons that only work optimally for buildings, but not for heavily armored tanks. It might take a while for you to figure out which weapon best suits which situation, but you will find out after a couple of games.

Roblox Be Smart in Combat

Keep Zooming Out

While it’s tempting to play zoomed in most of the time, it’s wise to keep zooming out just to get a picture of where your enemies might be hiding (and where you could hide, in turn). This is especially useful when you find yourself in massively dense forests – enemies can be hiding in the trees and bushes.

Zooming out periodically also allows you to keep your eyes on the prize (AKA the flags) while giving you a grasp of where enemy vehicles and places to build structures could be.

Roblox Keep Zooming Out

Keep a Roof Above Your Head

We are talking about an actual roof over your outpost, as well as a helmet to protect you from getting hit by artillery. All hatches of all vehicles must remain closed, as well – except when you have to let a teammate in, of course.

There are a lot more Roblox Armored Patrol tips and tricks to share, and we are sure by now you have some of your own discovered hacks. This first-person shooter game has become popular because of how it encourages teamwork and quick thinking required to strategize a win while racking up kills and trying to survive. So go ahead and share your own Armored Patrol tips with the rest of our readers!

Roblox Military Helmet