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Companies know that views can make or break their brand and products. To get more people to view their content, they work with sites like GCLot to incentivize members to watch these videos. Since GCLot only works with top-level companies, the earnings they provide members are some of the highest in the industry!

Wanna get paid just for watching videos? Here’s how to get started:


create your profile

While creating your profile, you’ll have to give basic info about yourself like your name and contact details.

If you’re also interested in taking surveys, you may also want to provide your demographic info. This covers things like what games do you play? Demographic info is crucial for GCLoot to decide which surveys are appropriate for you to take.

If you’d prefer to stick to playing games, you can do so. If you decide you want to take surveys later on, you can always provide your demographic info then.


Scope out the different channels on GCLoot

The section contains all the games you can play on GCLoot. The collection of games covers a wide range of genres and types.


Watch videos

When a video is done playing, points will be credited to your account. You’ll only get the points when you finish watching a video containing an ad. So make sure you finish a video once you start playing it.

A few offers will have some requirements. For instance, some offers might require you to watch several videos to earn points. But other offers may require you to watch just one video.



The best thing about this earning method is that you can watch one video after another. The more videos you watch, the more points will be credited to your account.


Redeem your earnings

When you’ve accumulated at least 3,000 points, you can start redeeming prizes. You can get cash via PayPal, or gift cards. GCLoot has a wide range of gift cards suited for gamers. These include: