Your Guide To Choosing Cool Roblox Names

GCLoot - January 22, 2020

To be cool on Roblox, one of the first things to do would be getting the kind of Roblox username that is memorable, stands out, and hints at the persona you want to project.

For a lot of players, this might sound simpler than it is. For one thing, if you are new to Roblox, someone else might have already picked out the moniker you want to use. Or you may have liked a username when you first started, but it hasn’t quite grown on you – so you’re thinking of changing it. You could do that; Roblox allows it in the Settings. But bear in mind that this action will cost you a cool 1000 Robux right off the bat!

If you don’t want to spend any game currency on a Roblox name change, it’s best to stick to one from the start that you know you won’t regret. So today’s post is all about knowing how to choose the perfect Roblox name for you – one that you will likely keep for as long as you are actively a player!

Think Long and Hard, Then Choose Wisely

Do you want the kind of Roblox usernames that are unique but unwieldy or hard to spell, or something catchy but straightforward? Would you prefer to have your real name in there somewhere, or choose one that is entirely different from your real-world identity? These are just some of the considerations you might want to think about before submitting a handle you would be known as from this day forward.

Let’s say you know a Roblox player whose name is Tim. That’s a pretty basic name, but hey, Tim wants to use it because it’s his (also, let’s assume he’s pretty tiny, so it’s a good descriptive name as far as he’s concerned). Before settling on a final username, he will go through several variations of Tim, including adding the obvious adjectives as prefixes or suffixes: TinyTim, TimTheTot, and even TinyTimTheThird (because apparently, he’s just another one in a series of Tiny Tims).

We might not know what username he settles on eventually, but if it has “Timothy,” “Terror,” and some other word that begins with a “t” in there somewhere, then he’s on the right path to becoming a memorable Robloxian.

Think Long and Hard

Consider Numbers or Letters (as alternate ways to spell)

A lot of the cool names for Roblox we’ve come across consist of numbers taking the place of letters, such as “3” for “E,” “1” for “I,” and “0” for, well, duh. Others prefer adding a techy-sounding prefix letter to their names like “i” or “e.” You will come across so many variations of numbers and letters to spell out a name that it’s going to look normal whenever you’re on Roblox. Even the simplest, most common names like Kevin can become “K3V1N” or “iKevin/eKevin” – which you have to admit gives it an instant panache.
So go ahead and experiment with variants in letters, numbers, and even lower and upper case combinations. You will know the exact moment when your new username will feel, look, and sound perfect for you.

Consider Numbers or Letters Password

Keep It As Simple As You Can

We know this is difficult to heed, especially if you want a name that is short, catchy, but still unique (enter Tim and his effective decision to keep his real-world name). But having an uncomplicated username will prove to be more memorable compared to long ones that have a series of numbers or a strange combination of substitute letters in the mix. On Roblox, the shorter the user name is, the rarer it’s considered. If you’re lucky enough to get one that’s no longer than four letters – congratulations!

But even those with common names can manage to keep their player moniker unique and unforgettable by being creative and descriptive in equal doses. If you have a sassy personality, for example, why not prefix your username with the word “sassy” (SassySally, SassySusan, SassySue come to mind).

Or if you’re really stumped, we have a piece of creative but practical advice for you – look around you. Identify the objects close in your immediate vicinity and seek inspiration from them. We actually know a gamer who managed to call himself “ThickSlice” because of a loaf of bread sitting across him bearing that description, right at that fateful moment. Inspiration is everywhere – you just need to take a closer look at them.

Don’t Imitate Existing Roblox Names

Don’t be that person. Even if you idolize or admire another Roblox player – or even any other known celebrity or figure, don’t copy their names and pretend you are them. Not only is it a creepy thing to do, but it is also disrespectful. Instead, think long and hard about what makes you – and in turn, your Roblox persona – unique and fun. Then build upon that using the suggestions as mentioned above, and you will be sure to come up with a name that is for keeps.

There are so many cool Roblox usernames for the taking that it’s just a matter of figuring out which is the perfect match for you. Don’t settle for one that is boring and forgettable!

Do Not Imitate Roblox Names